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John Donaghy, knownas 'Shohn' by most, grew up in Northern Ireland. The struggles of his home country taught him the value of home ownership at an early age.Shohnfinds handing the keys to a new homeowner one of the gratifying moments in life.

Shohnspent 23 years of his adult life in NYC as a restaurateur and is formally educated in interior design. from which he gained valuable experience with commercial real estate rentals and purchases firsthand. He finds real estate investing, working with local government policies, and redevelopment just as thrilling as staging fine homes to attract buyers.
Shohn's wealthof experience as a businessman and community volunteer makes his knowledge of the emerging marketings, particularly those of Phillipsburg, NJ especially beneficial to buyers and sellers.
Shohnis very enthusiastic to embark with you on your quest to find your new dream home or fulfil that missing fab property from your portfolio.

Licensed in NJ and NY.
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John Donaghy

  • Real Estate Professional
49 Bridge Street
Lambertville, New Jersey 08530 United States

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