Hopewell, New Jersey

Hopewell, New JerseyHopewell is a township in central New Jersey that is between Trenton and Philadelphia in a largely forested area of the state. The township was founded in 1699 as Hopewell Meeting House. It was later renamed Columbia and then Hopewell in 1756. The township started growing when a railroad line was constructed through the town sparking a vibrant economy. A dispute just after 1876 lead to a blockade on the line that had to be resolved by the local militia. This event is known as the Frog War. As the importance of the railroad declined, Hopewell became a largely affluent bedroom community for the other larger cities nearby.

Local Attractions

Although Hopewell is small, it does have a number of local attractions. The Hopewell Museum was built in 1922 as part of the local library. It became a fully separate museum in 1967. The museum contains a large collection of colonial artwork, antiques and costumes all related to Hopewell. Another attraction is the Off-Broadstreet Theatre that performs five to six live performances every year including some for children. Visitors might also want to visit Hopewell Park and the gazebo in the center. There are trails and streams throughout the park for anyone who enjoys spending time in nature. Concerts are frequently held around the gazebo in the park during the summer.

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Hopewell is a livable community with many shops and restaurants. The most prominent is the Brothers Moon restaurant founded in 2001. The restaurant was instrumental in helping form the current downtown area. The actual downtown area that occupies nearly two-thirds of the main street contains boutique shops and a few antique stores.


Families with young children have two options for schools. There is the 500-student Hopewell Elementary School offering kindergarten to fifth grade classes. Students who graduate can go to higher-level schools in surrounding boroughs. There is also the 60-student Titusville Academy for grades two through 12. Titusville Academy is a private school.

Hopewell sits on 0.69 square miles of land. The current population is just over 1,900 people. The median income is $105,510. The majority of Hopewell residents commute between 20 and 40 minutes for work in nearby cities every day. The township has a very low crime rate with only 79 total incidents each year. This is nearly one-quarter the average for the rest of the state. The median price of a home in Hopewell is $418,000. Hopewell is a quiet and centrally located community in the middle of large areas of forest. It is far enough from major cities to maintain a rural feeling without sacrificing cosmopolitan amenities.